Obama’s presidency sees shift in US-Saudi trade ties

April 19, 2016

[Note: Paul Crompton’s article in Al Arabiya today cited Patrick Ryan on the question of US-Saudi trade on the occasion of President Obama’s summit meeting in Riyadh.]

Obama’s presidency sees shift in US-Saudi trade ties
By Paul Crompton Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Analysts often cite the large numbers of young Saudis who travel from the kingdom each year to study in US universities, under a scholarship program that began in 2005.

“These graduates return to the Kingdom with professions, interests and business ideas cultivated during their years of study in America. They have been and will continue to be cultural and business ambassadors between the countries,” said Patrick Ryan, a Gulf affairs analyst whose consulting firm documents developments in Saudi-US relations.

However, the prospect of increasing trade ties between the two countries is not without obstacles.

Increases in US investments in Saudi will depend on whether Saudi authorities can demonstrate protection of foreign assets, as well as the “winds of tension” and regional conflicts, said Sullivan.

“It is vital for many reasons that Saudi Arabia and the US improve their overall relations, including trade and investment relations,” he added.

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