Sleep well America

The United States of America was attacked by the Russian Federation. Attacked. Think about it.

It wasn’t a case of toasting your Nintendo.

It wasn’t a case of causing your Netflix to buffer intolerably.

It was an organized attack by a sovereign state led by the former head of Russian intelligence, trained during the Soviet era, who intends to do harm against the United States around the world.

It was a wildly successful attack.

No smoking rubble but it did severe damage to the United States.

A “W” for “team Putin.”

Now, imagine the Federal Bureau of Investigation has reasonable belief that American citizens and political campaign organizations were working to support that attack against the United States.

Now, imagine the nexus of connections being investigated in that successful attack against America by the FBI is the 45th President of the United States, who demonstrates a severe personality disorder, of whom the United States Intelligence Community has unequivocally said was the intended beneficiary of that attack on the United States of America.

Now, imagine that megalomaniac president was described in an intelligence dossier as being subject to manipulation by that former Russian intelligence chief and ruler of America’s principal global adversary.

Now, imagine an American political party that we grew up with believing were tough guy Patriots who fought against threats to America have suddenly become spineless and incapable of putting party or personal electoral prospects behind the security and future of America.


If such a thing was happening in your country what would you do?

Cue the Lee Greenwood music.

Sleep well, America.