SUSRIS Project Profiled

One of our editorial projects, the Saudi-US Relations Information Service, that we have produced since 2003 was profiled today by “American Bedu” a blog authored by former U.S. diplomat Carol Fleming.  You can catch the complete profile HERE.  And here’s an excerpt:

Is there any particular reason SUSRIS is based from Tennessee?

Tennessee is a great place to live and work but there’s no special reason it is the home of SUSRIS. I retired from a Navy career to live in Washington for a few years until I launched my own editorial consulting business, Ryan&Associates. Thanks to the Internet, SUSRIS and our other projects are very portable. I return to Washington frequently for meetings, conferences and other face-to-face opportunities to keep up with business but we’re very happy to produce SUSRIS from Cookeville, Tennessee. It is usually a surprise to SUSRIS readers who contact us, who may perceive we’re in a corporate environment in Washington or in the Kingdom, to find out we’re virtually out in the woods.